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  • Sep 22, 2022

Recycling may have been a "fringe" interest in the past but reusing our waste will soon be at our doorstep as a necessity! Low cost options are available so supporting the idea should not be prevented by financial concerns.Tote Bags made from recycled material are available NOW and should be a consideration.

What is RPET

The most popular recycled tote bag is the RPET Fold Away Carryall Tote Bag...being a fold-up bags makes it handy to use. Easy to store in your purse or would be a sought after giveaway. Available in eight fabric colors (Red, Gray, Blue, Black, Cranberry Red, Steel Blue, Cocoa Brown, Olive Green), assorted colors are also available. The RPET Fold Away Carryall Tote Bag has a one-color imprint on one side...a Full Color Digital Imprint is also available. 

Most recycled tote bags are of the grocery or shopper variety...which conforms with the way tote bags are generally used. The size of these bags is around 8" W X 15" H X 13" L but there isn't a standard size so check out each one on our Recycled PET Tote Bag category page.

There's also an insulated version...the XL Insulated Recycled P.E.T. Shopping Bag. Perfect for keeping food warm or cold and supporting recycling.

How about a Zippered Tote Bag made from 50% recycled material and available in 26 colors...perfect as a business or personal use.

There are other tote bags that support the environment...Organic Cotton Tote Bags and Jute Tote Bags.

Being Environmentally Friendly is a basic way of thinking and of DOING...Recycled PET Tote Bags!




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