Imprinted Tote Bags

  • Nov 23, 2020

Most promotional tote bags are imprinted on one side which is included in the price of the item however there is much more to consider.


Tote bags are available in a number of sizes and each one having its own imprint area for your logo. The imprint area relative to the size of the bag is important not only for the visibility of your logo but how your logo is displayed. The smaller the imprint area, the more the definition of your logo will fill in...smaller text and close together lines will fill in! Larger fonts and simpler logos will work better in a small imprint area.


If your budget can handle this...print your logo on both sides of the bag. The cost is minimal for the second side imprint and no matter how your customer holds your tote bag, your logo is visible!!!


Color color color...the color of the ink used for the imprint on your bag matters as well as the tote bag color. The color combinations that you choose for your tote bag will determine how well received it is.


See all of our tote bags for the fabric colors, size of the bag and imprint colors...All Tote Bags.




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