Clear Stadium Tote Bags - Clear Bag Policy

  • Oct 18, 2022


Yes...this is the way things are now!


So many venues have restrictions on the type of bag and the size of the bag you can enter their venue with.


The Clear Bag Policy as shown above (University of Virginia), only allows for three types of bags...

One Gallon Clear Plastic Zipper Bag

Clutch / Wallet

Clear Plastic Bag With Handles 

The University of Virginia "Clear Bag Policy" is similar to the NCAA's policy however each venue has variations as to the bag size.


The NFL Clear Bag Policy is very similar to the Virginia policy, then again, the NBA Clear Bag Policy allows for any clear bag no larger than 14"W X 14" H X 6" in size. Each venue's policy should be considered before attending an event so contact that venue to confirm what their policy might be. 


Simply Tote Bags has a number of clear tote bags to consider:


Clear Tote Bags


Clear Stadium Bags


 If you need assistance in choosing the Clear Tote Bag that is right for Simply Tote Bags!



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