What is a “tote bag”?

Some people would say any bag with handles with an open top.

That may be true for most tote bags and it also would have been true at one point in time. Times have changed!

Tote Bags have been around since the early 1900’s but it wasn’t until the late 40’s that they become common place. Woman mostly used them for carrying “this and that” around as the world became more mobile. Since then, tote bags have become increasing more than just a large bag with sturdy handles....they have evolved.  Today, woman and men have many choices when it comes to tote bags...various styles, numerous colors and purposes beyond just toting “something” around. The world is changing as we all know; everything is far more specialized than it used to be. Simply Tote Bags is part of that move toward specialization...we only offer tote bags, plain and simple!

Simply Tote Bags is part of ECO Marketing LLC, a group of companies in the promotional products industry since 2003. Our website is designed so that people can easily find the tote bag which is perfect for them.  

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