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What is Simply Tote Bags all about?


We only offer Tote Bags...plain and simple!


The prices on all of our tote bags are discounted, saving you money and keeping you on budget! Our prices may be cheap but these are the same tote bags you'll find on any other website. Tote Bags for different uses, in various styles and colors and in a number of price ranges. 

We have designed our website with simplicity in mind...laying it out so that you are able to find what you’re looking for quickly and effortlessly.

Search By Price - when you’re interested in a Tote Bag for say less than $1.00 or you know your budget provides around $3.00 per tote bag, Search By Price will allow you to view only the bags that you're looking for.

Best Sellers - you're undecided on what you will purchase so why not check out the best selling tote bags as it may help you see what you want.

On Sale  - alright, you’re the type of person that likes to see what’s on sale first and then go from there! Simply Tote Bags has quite a selection of products for you to consider! (many are Best Sellers!)

What’s New” - customers have always asked us "what's new" or "what's hot" so we decided to create a page on our website just for YOU. 

Tote Bag Topics

  • Custom Reusable Shopping Bags

    Custom Reusable Shopping Bags

    More and more states are creating laws banning disposable plastic bags in the retail environment. Custom Reusable Shopping Bags will be the answer to these state bans! For most grocery store situatio...

  • Custom Insulated Tote Bags

    Custom Insulated Tote Bags

    The Summer is upon us and keeping food items cool will be a challenge that we face in the days ahead!   There are many Insulated Tote Bags to choose from...different sizes, colors and prices. ...

  • Large Heavy Cotton Canvas Boat Tote Bag

    Large Heavy Cotton Canvas Boat Tote Bag

    A quality canvas tote bag can last for years...your logo along with it! Our custom Large Heavy Cotton Canvas Boat Tote Bag is priced inexpensively at $17.78 a piece for a quantity of 25.  ...

  • Promotional Recycled Tote Bags

    Promotional Recycled Tote Bags

    Recycling may have been a "fringe" interest in the past but reusing our waste will soon be at our doorstep as a necessity! Low cost options are available so supporting the idea should not be prevented...

  • Burlap Tote Bags

    Burlap Tote Bags

    The "anti-plastic" movement is building momentum, the Burlap Tote Bag will be an alternative to plastic bags. Burlap is a very inexpensive natural material and environmentally appreciated...the fabric...